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Jane Blonde 2_COVER_v3.jpg
Jane Blonde Spies Trouble

Jane’s purr-ecious spy-cat, Trouble, has been kidnapped! A group of mad scientists think they have discovered the secret to a cat’s nine lives - but they need Trouble for their experiments. All the clues lead down the drain - spying can be a wet and stinky business! But with chewing gum that lets her breathe underwater, a SPIpod tracking device and a high-speed mini-hoverboard, Jane Blonde is ready for ACTION in her second spytastic adventure . . .

Originally published by Macmillan Children's Books, the Jane Blonde series has sold hundreds of thousands of copies in two dozen countries, featured as a World Book Day title, and has been optioned for film and TV. It is now available for the first time in all sorts of digital versions including e, flip and print books, with fabulous new covers and from its new official home - Jill Marshall Books Ltd.

The seven Jane Blonde books are also a SWAGG origin story. Meet Blonde and the rest of her new team - Jack BC, Matilda Peppercorn, Stein - in the first of the S*W*A*G*G series, Spook.


In printed just-for-you paperback; in ebook for any reader including Kindle,  and now, for the first time ever for Jill Marshall Books,
in gorgeous collectable hardback!

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