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Jane Blonde, Sensational Spylet
Origin Series

‘Until now, you have been just plain old Janey Brown. But you are going to grow and grow. You will be what your parents have not allowed you to be. It’s in your past. And it’s in your future. There’s a whole new part of you just waiting to you to burst out. You are Jane Blonde - Sensational Spylet. Welcome to our world.’


Janey Brown has been close to invisible and feeling pretty blue at her new school, until her mysterious godmother introduces her to a new life - as sensational spylet, Jane Blonde. With gadgets, missions and enemies galore, it's hard to figure out who's friend or foe. But Janey's a bit of a natural. It's in the blood. And it's playground zero to superspy hero for the new spy in town. Meet Blonde. Jane Blonde.


Originally published by Macmillan Children's Books UK, the Jane Blonde series has sold hundreds of thousands of copies in two dozen countries, was a World Book Day book, and has been optioned for film and TV. It is now available for the first time in all sorts of digital versions from ebook to print, with fabulous new covers and from its

new official home at Jill Marshall Books Ltd. 

There's nobody quite like her, but JB fans all love a puzzle, an adventure, and a massive reading binge in a quiet corner. From Ladybug and Cat Noir to Nancy Drew and Harriet the Spy, readers of 9 and up (or even 8 if you're brilliant!), girls and boys alike heart JB.

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Click on The Perfect Spylet to download your free ebook, if you haven't spied it already! 

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Jane Blonde SWAGG Superhero profile
The Strong Sensitive

Did you get this profile on our SWAGG quizz? Read more below!


If anyone thinks you're a pushover because you're quiet and thoughtful, they'd better watch out!

Like Jane Blonde, you're a puzzle-solver, can grapple with tech gadgets or anything needing your calm logical approach, and it's all combined with a very large helping of go-get-'em courage.

Most of all, though, you're the kind of person who listens, understands and is always there to help

your friends and family.

Staying strong for others is what you're all about.

Your profile

You've got a sharp mind, and an even sharper intuition - and that's all tied together with a whopping dollop of empathy that enables you to see everyone's point-of-view and figure out a solution. 

You love figuring things out. Escape rooms, crosswords, safe-cracking - these are all the kind of logical puzzles you love to break! With a logical brain, you're able to see patterns, details and processes that make perfect sense to you. For that reason, you might excel at maths, physics, languages, law, coding. You take the time to work things out properly and make sure you have as many facts to hand before you make a judgement. 

This doesn't mean you're slow or indecisive, though. Because what most people don't realise about you is that sometimes, when you need to act, you just 'know' what to do. Some might call it following your gut. Some call it intuition or inspiration. Some might even think you're being sent information from somewhere else in the universe! Whatever the case, the solution will just appear to you - and you know that if you trust it, you'll be on the right path. And that 'knowing' makes you brave.

Sometimes, you see people as puzzles too. You're a great listener, and can figure out those patterns in others' lives and even sense what they're not telling you! You're kind and generous with your time, and your friends will often turn to you in times of trouble to help them move forward, because they know you understand in some way they (and sometimes you!) can't explain. 

All this can mean that you take on a lot of issues from other people! And because you're more of a thinking person, you might not speak out when you're a bit overwhelmed, anxious that you're not doing something as well as you might (or even 'perfectly) or don't know how to help someone.

But you don't need to worry - if you just figure it out like one of your puzzles, and treat yourself as you would treat a friend, the solution will suddenly just appear to you.

Call it following your gut. Intuition. Inspiration. Universal connection! You got it, Strong Sensitive. 

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